Axwoman 6.1

Axwoman 6.1 integrates installer and functionality of both Axwoman 5.0 and AxialGen 1.0 at the new GIS platform ArcGIS 10. It is free for academic purposes, and one can download it here. To unpack or install, one must contact bin DOT jiang AT hig DOT se for password due to copyright concerned.

If you used Axwoman in your research, recommended citation is as follows:

Jiang B. (2013), Axwoman 6.1: An ArcGIS extension for urban morphological analysis, http://fromto.hig.se/~bjg/Axwoman/, University of Gävle, Sweden.

Users Group

There is an on-line Axwoman Users Group where you can discuss thoughts and questions with other users via email or the web, and also a place where you can send us feedback which is very valuable to us in improvement. We'd like to hear from you. Follow the above link to browse the group, or follow this link to join.

Research papers

Axwoman 6.1 is a research prototype evolved from several research papers:

  • Jiang B., Claramunt C. and Batty M. (1999), Geometric accessibility and geographic information: extending desktop GIS to space syntax, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 23, 127–146.
  • Jiang B. and Claramunt C. (2002), Integration of space syntax into GIS: new perspectives for urban morphology, Transactions in GIS, 6(3), 295-309.
  • Jiang B. and Claramunt C. (2004), Topological analysis of urban street networks, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 31, 151-162.
  • Jiang B. (2007), A topological pattern of urban street networks, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 384, 647 - 655.
  • Jiang B., Zhao S., and Yin J. (2008), Self-organized natural roads for predicting traffic flow: a sensitivity study, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, July, P07008.
  • Jiang B. and Liu X. (2010), Automatic generation of the axial lines of urban environments to capture what we perceive, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 24(4), 545–558.
  • Liu X. and Jiang B. (2012), Defining and generating axial lines from street center lines for better understanding of urban morphologies, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 26(8), 1521-1532.


  • Axwoman 6.1 user manual (2.46M)

    User's guide to Axwoman 6.1 extension. (2013)

  • Shp2netTutorial (551k)

    A compact guide on how to transform axial lines generated from line shapefile into a graph in Pajek’s .net (2012)

  • Automatical Generating Axial Lines (257k)

    A step by step guide for generating axial lines based on urban street (2012)

  • TutorialSmallWorld (391k)

    A step by step guide for calculating small-world and scale-free measures of urban street networks (2012)

  • TutorialAgentBasedSimulation (3.21M)

    A step by step guide for agent-based simulations with the generated axial lines and sharing the model over Internet (2013)